Client: The Rectory Café - A café located on Ward’s Island in Toronto. They offer beverages as well as a variety of different foods, including sandwiches, soup/salad, and pasta.
Goal: The client’s website offers little to no information on the index page, and would benefit from having a streamlined web presence that showcases their food and location.
Target Users: The target users include their regular Islander customers, as well as potential tourists that want to grab a coffee and a bite to eat before exploring the rest of the island. Ward’s Island is not as popular of a tourist destination as Hanlan’s Point or Centre Island, but the boardwalk by the beach has wonderful view of Lake Ontario. For potential visitors of the island, having a nice spot to grab a delicious lunch is integral to a memorable experience on the island, and having a strong web presence will allow for The Rectory Café to reach a wider audience.
Tone: Inviting, Cosy, Fresh
Key Message: For this website redesign, the goal is to convey a café that is inviting, with design elements that channel a fun and relaxing mood. The café acts as a relaxing escape by the lake, with a great patio space. The redesign should convey a sense of relaxation.
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